The year 2012

Year 2012 is a number year 5. (2 +0 +1 +2 = 5)

Number 5 has Mercury Energy as its symbol.

A number 5 year energy is: Money, business, dare to start anything, have the courage to start something new, and get help from others.  There will be a very high beat this year,  where everyone will say - now I will, now I dare, now I can.

There will be a flow of money and everyone will move in many directions.

When things go too fast, you will easy forget some things, so beware, as this will cause stress.

There will be some accidents this year, with planes, trains, ships, and other things which we all depend on. People will also be much better at communicating.  When we communicate we usually benefit, rather than if we just go on our own way. Many will become very rich, but there will be some who run too fast, and thus become very poor.  A number 5 year will always be like this.

January is a month which will be a very lucky energy for us all.  Everyone will feel the beat and high energy. You will notice that there is more luck in all your doings, so most will have the courage to try new things.  Here there are no numbers that are more fortunate than others. January will be a month where almost everyone will have luck in love and money. There will always be some people who will be available when needed.

February will be a month that can give some stress related energies, so everyone should probably keep a little quiet and pay attention to what happens around them.

In March, it will be a successful money energy; money will flow. Everyone wants to spend money, so there will be a natural flow that everyone can feel. Many will want to give out their flow of money, thus helping others.

The month of April will be a month where you make audits. Ask yourself, which way I should go?  Where will there be a good energy?  Where we can put things right to recover from energies that pushed too fast in months past?  We should just bring ourself to center and evaluate where we are located in order to make a small stop in the high beat.

In May, everybody must be aware of what is happening around them because everything happens very fast in this month. Many new things will happen.  There will be some who have a hard time keeping up, but they should rest for a moment before getting their feet under them again.  This will help them keep up.

In June, the bill for running a bit too fast in past months will come. You will have to stop and think about what you are doing in the moment. You have to think about every thing.  Take time for a little vacation.  It is also a month when some may be slightly depressed, sometimes for no reason. It is also a month suitable for cold cocktails.

In July, there will be a great love energy all around. We will be kind to one another.  The energy is now pushing everyone to move on.  While there will be a huge money power, beware that it is not going too fast. Also be aware that we may trip over our ourselves, since we have already run too fast for 6 months. Have your fingers on the pulse of the energy, so we don't forget to stop and think. Sometimes we will forget to stop and think this month in order to find out about what we are doing and why. This is what we need to do in the month of July.

August will be a very good month for everyone.  It will simply be the wildest.  It will be fantastic and we will move in all directions, even within our own minds.  But we will probably move to something better, something bigger, something different.  We want to do something different, so it will be a wildly exciting month.

September is also a real money month.  Because you have started something good months before, it will usually continue to run.  September is floating like the month of august.

In October, there are also some super energies.  You will be there for the people around you, and this month's energy is total love.  So those who have said for many years, "I will never marry," some funny events will happen.  He will trip over a pillow, and then she will think he is down on his knees asking to marry her and she will immediately accept the offer.

November will float with some loving energies, but the November month is a little odd. It can be a bit depressing for some, after having been very busy.  People have a hard time when things suddenly stand still, which is a form of stagnation.

December is just hilarious, and Christmas trade will be close to doubled.  We will all have enough money.  Everybody will want to do something for others, so we will give to others. The month of December will be a very successful month both in business, work, and love. We will all have a fun time.

All the numbers from 1-9, throughout all months of the number 5 year:

A number 1 person in a 5 year, will have some good and very stubborn energies with them.  There will also be a good money energy around them.  All number 1 persons love money, so they will find this year is a fun and fantastic year.

A number 2 person in a 5 year will be very busy, trying out many different things. Their creativity will fully come to light.  Sometimes their creativity will go a little too fast for them so they will not quite complete what they started. They all love, and know they are born to live the good life, so they will have a great year because the money is in focus.

A number 3 person in a 5 year will have a lot of luck with them since both 3 and 5 give luck in business and money.  They will also be better at communicating with others this year. They will have great opportunities to get their ideas implemented this year. Since number 3 people can be a little egocentric, they will enjoy that success in their actions and will show off what they have achieved.

A number 4 person in a 5 year will not be as lucky as the other numbers this year. They will be more cross than in other years because the number 5 energy is much different than the number 4 energy. Mars, planet of war, plays a big role this year for all number 4 people so they will be more rebellious and cross than in other years.

A number 5 person in a year 5 will get double the number 5 energy, which in itself is a very creative, quick, positive energy. It will be a real pleasure year for them. It will be fun, and it is the way they like it. There will be many funny and unexpected things for them and then they will have the money to carry out all their ideas and activities.

A number 6 person in a number 5 year may have a hard time keeping up with the fast rhythm in this year.  They can easily become confused and depressed since it all goes too fast for them, and they are not in control of what they are doing.  Number 6 people can easily become bored of it all when they feel others do not have time for them.

A number 7 person in a number 5 year has nearly the same feelings as a number 6 person.  They can be somewhat confrontational. They would prefer that all was good and quiet, and that everyone would be kind to each other. They should pull themselves together to keep up with the fast beat in this year, and if they do it, they will also be on the lucky wave, located in a number 5 year.

A number 8 person in a 5 year will feel the rapid energy presence in this year. Since they themselves are running at a high level of energy, it will be increased this year. They will have some tendency to flow in all directions, which can cause stress, but they will be successful in what they do. While having the courage to explore new sides of themselves, there will be many exciting and new things for a number 8 person in a year 5.

A number 9 person in a year 5 will have a lot of success especially in money and business. They will make good investments, and have a good sense of where and when to buy and sell. It will be a total pleasure year for them. In the year 5, they will show extra courage to try new, exciting things that will give them great success.

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