The Year 2013

Year 2013 is a 6 year 2 +0 +1 +3 = 6

A 6 year is a year with Venus energies that symbolize love, joy, to be with others, enjoy the company of others, and friendship.

So this year will give us peace, after the very confusing 5 year. Now there will be more peace of mind in everything we do, and we will evaluate what we do. Nothing will be produced that has not been checked thoroughly before use.

Because Venus is a team player, it will give a lot of good energy to get things in order. Everything from last year that has just been neglected will be dealt with this year and completed. There will be a good energy for communication so you can get rid of old problems. It will be a year where you will have a definite tendency to socialize with others, and cherish them. If you have good ideas, it will also be the year to realize them. The energy also gives a stubbornness that enables you to complete what you start.

The month of January will add extra energy to the loving Venus energy of the year. It will be quite strong in January, and since it is a 1 month, it will give us all a big push in the right direction. We will help those who need it. There will be great love energy, so if you have someone special at your side, it will be months to ask her/him to share your life.

February is a month with a lot of energy; an energy to show off, to show what you can and why. This is a month where you have to bear in mind that all the others feel the same way and also want to show off. Everybody will look for employment within their field, and only apply in areas where their talents lie, and they do not accept anything less than what they most want. You know who you are and what you can.

The month of March will give a big push in the right direction to everything that was commenced last year. This month a lot of contracts and projects will be finalized.  The month will give us the strength to carry through the things that we have been working on, and it will be a great success. There will be some issues with governments that work against humanity’s best interest; there will be protests if it is only for the good of a few and not for all.

April will give us all a lot of courage to say what we want and explain why we say it. It will be a month where old hatred will be reconciled and all of a sudden people can be there for each other and help where it is needed. This is one of the months where many people have a great desire to give to others. Collections this month will bring in more than in other months.

The month of May will then be one of the months where we have to stop and take stock. What we have done, what we have accomplished, and in general look at the previous month, where we all were in the love energy. Our energy will not be as strong as in the first few months. Many will have overexerted themselves, and they now have to sit and ponder for a moment and think a little of themselves. Because if you are not on top and feel well yourself, then you have no energy to be there for others without breaking down.

June will be one of those months where again there will be unrest concerning everything in this world; love, governments, associations. Yes, there will be many who have been too good -hearted in the previous months. It will feel a little as if the strong love energy is fading, that we have been unable to keep it alive.

The month of July will be a big turning point for many people and governments. All unrest from last year will be cleared out, unrest that many tried to resolve this year and did not quite finish till now. There will be a major turning point in many people's lives, and it will be for the good of all.

The month of August will be the month in which the cleanup from last year and last month can be enjoyed as a great success. It will be a good month for investments. It will also be a month in which many can see that there is light ahead. It will be one of those months where we all get something good out of the energies. Business and trade with others especially abroad, will be the absolute focal point. There will certainly be replacements of people in control that are not doing it well enough, they will slide into oblivion.

The month of September will be as the beginning of the year, the energy of love and joy will be back. Most years are like this; early in the year, the energy is very strong, it fades in the middle of the year, and then it returns the last months of the year. Like the energies of the 5 year that were total chaos in December when it all accumulated. So this month is in the love energy that we can all feel again. It is a super good and wonderful month for us all. Again we can feel the love, joy and all that characterizes the 6 year.

The month of October will bring a lot of joy, but it will also be a month in which we dare say various things to those we love or do not love anymore. It will be a month with a little change in the love energy. If you are in a good relationship, you have to be a little attentive and be careful not to commit an indiscretion with a person that suddenly seems very interesting, it may only last a month. It is one of those love energies that can be difficult to manage. Consider your own relationship quite truthfully and act accordingly, even if it is a truth that is difficult to face and you have to end the relationship and move on, because everything that happens this month is for the best. It is a very karmic month when we all do the right thing, even if it is not that easy to see at first.

The month of November can give us all a lot of good. Everything you have worked for this year will be completed now, and it will profit everybody. It can be a business, or selling or buying a house, it is an energy where you could almost imagine that now everything is in order, just as it will be for years to come. We are all, where we are supposed to be.

The month of December will really show us all that we are in a 6 year which is nearing completion; the last love energies will be wrung out of this month. It will be a month with total love, and we are lucky that it is the Christmas month, where we already have to be good to one another, however this Christmas will really show what love and compassion is. The end of a year will always be almost as strong in energy as the beginning of the year. Many people will attempt to rectify any wrongdoing this year. The strength and power of a 6 year, will definitely be felt right now.

This is how the different personal birth numbers experience the months of a 6 year.

1 persons in a 6 year will benefit from the very loving and positive energy that flows throughout the year. It will strengthen them and make them very positive in their thinking. They will want a lot of new things and will also have the courage to try it out. They will have a tendency to access the spiritual energy they contain. They will have a great desire to travel, mainly for pleasure and experience, and not so much for business. They will make things happen this year. It is one of the years in which they use their charm and positive energies.

2 persons in a 6 year will benefit from the slightly heavy, stubborn energy, which also flows through a 6 year. It will give them the peace and strength to move forward in their development to the benefit of everybody. They will have the great strength to bring their ideas to fruition this year. And they will use the year to learn to say no, so they are not always there for others, and keep a little for themselves. The Venus energy of the year will give 2s an amazing charisma; their angelic energy intertwined with Venus energy will enable them to do almost anything this year, and that without too much work. They are born connoisseurs, and they will be able to use their charm and charisma to realize and complete some of their many projects with great success.

3 persons in a 6 year will be at their best because it is in their own group of numbers; 3-6-9, so they will be able to use all their skills. Their innate courage and strength will be doubled, so 3s are the ones who can almost walk on water this year. Their leadership skills will flourish, and they will show who they are, and what they can do. It is a year when all 3s will make their presence felt. There are success and luck in their pursuits this year, and since 3s demand more of themselves than anyone else does, they will relax much in this respect this year, which will make them more lovable and admired.

4 persons in a 6 year will enjoy the energy that flows around them. They will benefit from their quite unique ideas, and the strength and love of the year will give them luck in all their projects, at the same time as they complete their projects and thus get appreciation for their accomplishments; they will enjoy this year to the fullest. They will also enjoy the stubborn side of the number 6, as they can accomplish what they set out to do. It is a great year for all 4s.

5 persons in a 6 year can feel the heavy and very stubborn energy and it can make them a little depressed and off-balance, because they will not be able to spin as fast as they used to. So they must all the time monitor themselves and what they want in this 6 year. It can make them unsure of what they want, so discipline is the word for a 5 person in this 6 year.

6 persons in a 6 year should be a super combination, because they know the energy, but the energy will be doubled, and it may be too much. Their stubbornness will be quite prominent this year, and others may find it hard to work with them as they will under no circumstances yield this year. Their own love energy may make them more critical of people they are dealing with, and whether these persons are perfect enough for them. They will criticize everything and everyone, and nothing will be good enough. So here they must learn not to think before they speak, because it could hurt others.

7 persons in a 6 year will enjoy the quiet, stubborn, loving energy that flows this year. It will give the somewhat indecisive 7 persons more strength of character, they will be better at saying no to people who use them and manipulate the somewhat naive and easygoing 7 persons. They will really benefit from this powerful energy. To say no and have the courage to know who they are, will make them go far with their talents and pursuits this year. They will have a very open channel to the spiritual, and when something is unethical, wrong or mean, they will take action. They will not stand to see or hear it.

8 persons in a 6 year will feel that they can walk on water. It almost does not matter what they do, it will give them what they want, and it is in all areas. They will have great success in trade and money especially with other countries, so they must be aware of what they are being offered and read through everything, even if it sounds strange it may well be that there is something they can use. So just to say yes to whatever comes the 8s’ way this year, they will look back on the year and say it was a successful year.

9 persons in a 6 year will benefit from the energy of Venus. They will love the flowing, quiet and loving energy it brings. It is also within their own group of numbers, which is absolutely perfect. They will access their very spiritual energies totally this year. They will know and feel what and who is around them, and as 8s can walk on water, you would say that 9s can do the same just at a faster pace. They will almost be able to perform small miracles in their lives this year. It is a great year for them. Furthermore, they will be able to work with all kinds of people this year, and in all parts of the world. It is just super good and utter success for all 9s from January to December.

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