Numerology history

Numerology is the study of numbers and their mystique. There has always been a certain mystique about numbers and their meaning in our lives. Since no one knows exactly where numerology comes from, we say that it is a gift from God, because the study of Numerology has existed throughout time. If we did not study numerology, we would not have the science of astrology, shapes, colors or music.  Yes, everything is figured out by numbers.

Pythagoras was one of the greatest philosophers in antiquity. He started a numerology school where students learned about numbers' mystique and their effect on everything that exists. Pythagoras had traveled throughout many countries to gather information about the mystique of numerology. All his students had memorized their lessons, so there is little knowledge written down from his time. Other scholars, however, fortunately transcribed their knowledge, preserving it for future generations.  Because of these scholars, today we can use numerology and enjoy its effects.

The Incas were also skilled numerologists, and today we are still trying to understand how they could motivate their entire communities to work as efficiently as they did. Much in their culture is still an enigma. Some people wonder why they did not resist when the Spaniards attacked their kingdom, but the answer is in numerology.  As they had always lived by numerology, for years they had the knowledge that there would be people from far away that would destroy their country and culture, whether they resisted or not.  Therefore, they remained passive.

For generations, it was only consecrated priests who worked with numerology.  Ordinary people were excluded from this knowledge.  No matter where in history we dig for information, this pattern emerges. The common people knew nothing, while the clergy studied numerology and other occult subjects. Many clergy throughout history used this knowledge for their own sake, which is never good.   For, if something can be beneficial to others, we believe firmly that it is our duty to pass it on.

One of the most talented contemporary numerologists, Cheiro, who was also Winston Churchill's personal numerologist, has said that it would only be logical to accept everything that these great men of ancient times and even further back discovered. Though the exact date of the discovery of numerology is never found, no matter how far back in history you search, people have known of the secret or occult significance of numbers. Therefore, we say again today that it is a gift from God.

The late astrologer Linda Goodman claimed that numerology goes further back than Atlantis (ca. 20,000 BC). It is a little hard to imagine. In 1996, researchers found caves in France containing numbers with old drawings and writings.  The numbers had the same symbolism that we use today for all 9 digits, and amazingly, they were dated to be seventeen thousand years old. In a discovery like this, one can only wonder and say like Cheiro -- Why not just accept, what is handed down from ancient scholars? We accept so many other things.

Today, there are (unfortunately) several different numerology systems, which means beginners often get confused.  For, which system is right? We must admit that it is hard to comprehend what is right, but it is up to each individual to determine which system feels right for him or her.

The numerology system used here is the ancient numerology.  Perhaps not as rosy as some of the new systems that pop up constantly, but it is the most historically correct.  Ancient numerology is more realistic than new systems that will paint your life rosy 24 hours a day.  If you look at your life, and newer systems says you are beautiful, sweet, nice, successful, and that everything around you is good for you, you feel good and life gives you everything that you ask for you will not be satisfied if the opposite is the case.   Life is not always perfect, and the ancient numerology accepts that.   

Be realistic and honest when you are trying various numerology systems. For there is one thing that is completely sure, you can not cheat his fate.

None of us are angels.  As long as we are down here on this little earth, we are just ordinary, mortal people.  So let us use the help offered to us in ancient numerology to get the best out of life.