Annet Kofoed trained as a numerologist in Australia from 1982 - 1985 and is today Denmark’s leading numerologist. Annet Kofoed has since 1985 worked as numerological advisor and is a much sought after speaker across Europe. Annet Kofoed has also trained numerologists across the country.

• Numerologist
• Advisor
• Course / Instructor
• Lecturer
• Author

Annet Kofoed has appeared in countless Danish TV and radio programs.



Annet Kofoed has so far written four books on numerology, and all the books can be borrowed at the Danish libraries. Annet Kofoed has more than 100 published articles behind her, and in these media have Annet Kofoed with high accuracy predicted the winners in various sports and political ups and downs.

Annet Kofoed has also developed the app, numerology-guide, the world's first APP, where you can buy your own numerology chart, and subscribe to your own daily energy and much more.