Here and Now numerology chart

What is a "Here and Now numerology chart"?

A "Here and Now numerology chart", contains the energies we have with us here and now, that is the name we have right now. 

In a numerology chart you can for each name see what energies it contains. The energies inherent in our names affect the way we live our lives, how we see the world and how the world sees us. For we are all recipients and givers of each other's energy and we attract what we have with our names / energies. 

A "Here and Now numerology chart", are made to help us to see what energies we bring with us. Before we plunge into major changes, it is always good to know why we do different things. 

The "Here and Now numerology chart" contains an explanation of how to read the numerology chart.

How to order your "Here and Now numerology chart"

You order your "Here and Now numerology chart" through Talogmagi's online service. 

When you order your "Here and Now numerology chart" you can choose to pay via bank transfer or Paypal. When paying by internet banking you can expect 1-3 days delivery. If you choose to pay via Paypal you will typically receive your numerology chart within 24 hours (often the same day). 

A "Numerology Chart" costs 14 Euro

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