The Year 2014

We do all enter the new energies, as we move into a new year, and this year it's a number 7 year we go into, and all energies are different every year.

In 2014 the spirituality and intuition will be the most prevalent.
It is the number 7 which is the mainstay of the number 7 year, because 2 + 0 + 1 + 4 = 7

For all those who have been open to the spiritual world, there will be great opportunities to develop there skills.
There are many people, who have shut down for there own spiritual energy, but even with closed “channels”, there will be some situations, that will do, that they will open up a little more for their spiritual energy.
Intuition will be in focus throughout the year.

It will be a year, which will give many spiritual experiences for everybody, both those who believe in the spiritual world, and those who do not believe, they will all get some experiences, that will make them believe, just a little.

It will give much pleasure, but there will also be some tendency because some may be a little fanatical about their knowledge, and there will also be many, who will have an urge to stand up, to tell everyone about their knowledge, and to try hard to get others to understand, what the spiritual world has to offer for us humans.

There will be some, which may be a bit too spiritual, and will try to pull the whole thing down the throats, of all they come near, it is here, we must remember to say stop. We need to be critical, because there could be some who just had a lot of crazy ideas, that is unrealistic, we must be critical this year.

There will also be an urge to try new things, many will have their
adventurousness up where they need to go after what they feel.

The ego can  be dominant for many, restlessness and impatience mixed with adventurous spirit, will bring many new things to light, there will be many who will have the desire to try new things, that they had not thought of might interest them, it will be a year with many new inventions.

7 figure will give ideas that may seem a little crazy and different, but there will be some of them that can be used, and for the benefit of humanity.

January will be a month, where we all clean up more than usual, during the first month of the year. There will be many who can clean up in their lives, they will have the courage to do what they please, and say what they please.
 There will be a lot of unrest in many places, mostly because morality and ethics will be very prominent in the first few weeks of the year.

February will be a month, where there will be hustle and bustle, it's like everyone wants to reach everything in no time, and there should not be anything that will not be touched and examined, and many will change jobs, housing, and the change will for many, be really good for the rest of the year.

March will be a month, where there probably will be many new things, there will be some inventions which will benefit the whole world, it will surely be an energy that provides luck, it may be in the stock market, or governments that want to switch to the benefit of the people.

April will be a month where we all need to stop, and see what is happening around us, there could be some experiences that could cause some tears, mostly because there is something that is broken, emotionally. It may be an odd changeable month for most.

May will be a very lucky month for most, there will  positivity and joy, and all will have a desire to buy new things, improve what you have, expand, yes, there will be time for everybody to do everything, and since it is a lucky month for all, it will also be great, fantastic new things we all will purchase.

June will be a month where many will run headless around, there will be many new ideas and there will be some accidents, so it will be a month, where everything and anything can happen. There will be many who should relax, because if there is something that does not work, do not push it, forget it, sit quietly down and just go with the flow, as best as you can, without doing to much.

July will be just the opposite of June, here everything will succeed and there will be many people who will be successful in their investments. It is a month where you have to enjoy life, do what you want, and be with those you care about, and since it is a vacation month for many, it is totally perfect, a super month.

August will be a month with success, happiness, love for everybody from everybody, it will be a month, where everything will succeed, and there will be a good faith, and belief about the future, that it will be bright and lovely. Many will start new things, successfully, many will help each other, and this in turn will bring positive energies to all.

September will be a month where there may be many unpredictable things happening, it is an energy, that makes everything not quite be as you thought it would. It is a month where you have to keep a cool head, and be very aware of your surroundings, because there could be some people around you, that was the reason that things are not flowing as they should.

October will be a month where many new things will happened,  there will be many new things  on show, and there could also be something with medicine, that would be a bit of an attraction. It is a month of luck in everything to do with the medical world, and there will also be found some ancient relics, that may be of value to the world.

November will be one month where there will be much turmoil, many will be rebellious, which will give animosity and bad energy in many places, so this month you should just do what is necessary, and not more. Pay close attention to your surroundings, and do not sign any document that is important, wait until next month.

December will be a month where you can look back on a fun, odd year, many will have the energy to be there for the others, and that will give a nice and quiet energy, so everyone can think clearly,  while there  also will be many who are willing to help others, even someone they do not know. There will surely be gathered more funds into the distant corners of the world than usual. There will be a tremendous positivity in all of December.

For a number 1 person will a number 7 year give them luck in whatever they do, they will be able to communicate in a whole new way, they will be more open to others' feelings and behaviors. They will have a tendency to listen, if others are talking about spirituality, and they will work out, what they have themselves of energy and spirituality in their system, and how much it can help them in daily life, to listen to their intuition and gut feeling.

For a number 2 person will a number 7 year give them a lot of energy, but also perhaps too much, it can easily turn into stress, mostly because the number 2 person will do more than they can. Their creativity can be enhanced, for 2 and 7 are shadow number of each other, so that they will feel the energy inherent in the number 7 year, very strongly. And a number 2 person can easily become very egocentric, so they have to be careful not to believe that they are God, and can do it all. A number 2 person must also be careful not to have too many creative ideas that are unrealistic, and try to get others to understand that what they say is right.

For a number 3 person will a number 7 year give them luck and peace in their system, they will have a better understanding of other people, they will be better at listening to others. Although they are closed to the spiritual side of their lives, there will still be some of this year that will do that they will be willing to listen, and learn when someone talks about the spiritual world. Your intuition will be better and they will have more luck this year than usual.

For a number 4 person will a number 7 year grant courage to perform what they desire. They will be able to live out some of their biggest dreams, and there will certainly be tremendous help from others, who will find the ideas interesting, and a bit crazy. There will be many number 4 persons this year there will turn upside down on their lives, but this year they will have luck to live out there dreams, no matter how crazy the ideas may be.

For a number 5 person, will a number 7 year  be a bit stressful by the quiet and spiritual energy, they will easily become out of balance , as all those they work with are very relaxed and do not quite have the same energy and momentum on what they are doing. Therefore, it can easily provide some animosity and unrest around the number 5 person. This is a year where the number 5 person has to do what they want, and not be dependent on others to help, or be there. The number 5 person, should do very important things alone, this year, not relay on others.

For a number 6 person, will a number 7 year grant that they will have more energy than they used to. They will have more courage to get out, of what is usually their zone of protection. They will have the courage to do things, there for just a little while ago, would be unthinkable. They will be successful in many things, and especially be happy to be with other people, who want to help them. When a number 6 person, open up their spiritual energy, there comes a great deal of healing to everyone around them, and they will have more energy to help others than usual.

For a number 7 person will a number 7 year give them a recognition and confirmation of everything they do, they will love to stand in the very spiritual, but also quiet energy, their dream of experiencing the world and other people everywhere on the planet, will be very strong, so if they have the funds, they will go to get some of their dreams fulfilled. They must be careful not to become too dominant, and remember to listen to others. They will love the feedback they will get the whole year.

For a number 8 person will a number 7 year give them learning in all facets of life. You have to open totally up to the spiritual energy, and it have to be used, because if you have been given a gift, it must be used. There will, this year, be some peace for a number 8 person, so they can relax a little, and slow down their pace.  There will also be a kind of learning in listening, and do nothing. If the number 8 people open to their spiritual energy, they will have enormously success in all their activities, and there will be a lot of money luck throughout the year.

For a number 9 person will a number 7 year grant that they may see clearly who they have around them, and which way to go in life. The spiritual energy of the year, will give the number 9 person luck to accomplish their dreams, they will probably have a great desire to travel and if they have the funds, just to get away, and experience new things, and get a lot of ideas to take home. It is a very strong year of love for the number 9 persons, so they could easily indulge in another person

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