Name for a vild animal
Written: Sunday d. 10 / 8 - 2014

Name for a wild animal.
I was surfing around on the web yesterday, and then there was something that stopped me when I saw a picture of a black panther, I just had to take a closer look at it. 

A little into the video comes a woman named Anna Breytenbach, and start talking with this very shy and fierce panther, and it tells her that it does not like the name.

Anna says what she gets from the leopard, she says what numerology is in the name, without knowing anything about numerology and it was exactly how it had been, before being rescued.

Then the new owner of the leopard gives it a new name he opts out of thin air, but he chose a name that gives 19, which is The number of det Sun, love and joy, very positive.

 That afternoon the leopard comes out of the shed, it has been inside, for many months, !!!!! ! 

The owner then begins to tell the leopard, that it is beautiful and amazing. See the "answer"  - it is absolutely fantastic, there are no words for the experience. 

I have experienced the impact of domesticated animals, but wild animals get the same effect by being in captivity and be assigned a name that is more than fantastic. 

Everyone should go and see Anna Breytenbachs videos, it is so positive that you can do almost anything afterwards.

She is an unbelievably amazing woman to listen to, and it's so hard to find words that explains. She is just what I would call an angel on this earth. 

 Watch the video here

Use 10 minutes to see her, even if you do not believe in numerology, you will definitely get an experience out of the ordinary.

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