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Written: Sunday d. 10 / 8 - 2014

 I sometimes get some questions I cannot answer to full satisfaction, and this issue will benefit many and perhaps make them understand. 
It sounded like following:
Annet, how can it be that you are charging only 1995 DKK for a numerology chart when someone else charges 5,000 DKK plus VAT.

 Is it because you are not as good, or cannot really figure it out. Because I have paid almost 7,000 DKK for a numerology chart, and the numerologist told me, that it was the way she did it, which depended on the price, and no other numerologists in Denmark could do what she could. (She meant inclusive me, who taught her how to be a numerologist.) 
My answer: 
A numerology chart is a combination of your names and your date of birth. 
You start by writing the date, to see what number you are. 
Your name is then calculated to a numerical value ( each letter has a numerical value), which are then posted on the lifeline in a numerology chart, which always has the same shape, and the names are always on the lifeline, in the same order as they appear on your certificates. 
Then all the numbers get calculated in the numerology chart, and it can only be done in one way since 2 + 2 always gives 4, etc. 

A numerology chart can only be done one way.

The time it will take depends on the experience of the numerologist. The only difference can be in the interpretation. How good the numerologist is, and how much experience they have in reading the chart. 

But the price has nothing to do with the numerology chart. It is up to the individual what they will charge, and I think that 1995 DKK is a fair price for 2-3 hours of work. 
There is only one way to calculate a numerology chart, and no one can do it in a special way.

It's hard to not say anymore, because the person has paid 7000 DKK when they could have paid only 2000 DKK for the same job.

Nearly all numerologist in denmark charge 1995,kr. 
But it´s hard not to interfere, when I could see that the future timeline were calculated wrong, and se other imperfections.

This is where my patience comes to the test, and I'm not good at it. I was one of those who stood at the back and talked when they were awarded patience, so it was sold out when it was my turn. :)

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