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Written: Sunday d. 10 / 8 - 2014


Numerology and the spiritual world is a funny thing. You would think, that when you work with other people, your morals and ethics should be in order. 
I have been checking the web, to see how the new information on my website came out to people.

The new thing is a  online numerology chart, also called "Here and Now" numerology chart, which can be purchased through the website.
There were so many different websites with numerology, but one stood out to me.

It is a recent graduate numerologist (not trained by me), so I do not know her, and she uses the entire front page of her website to write about a  online numerology chart ="Here and Now “,= numerology chart.

Since it's me who has invented it, it's kind of funny to read about it, from other people. Especially when they don´t know what it is. 
She writes that it is wrong to buy a online numerology chart = “Here and Now” numerology chart, when you can buy a real one from her. 
So now I will explain what a "Here and Now" numerology chart is and what it contains. 
You buy a "Here and now" numerology chart, by writing the names you have, here and now, and which  birthday you have.

Then the numerology chart will be calculated and it will be sent to the person in a 4-page pdf file, that has explanations to everything. 
Nothing can be changed and you cannot get a new name this way. This is just how things looks for you “Here and now”. 
The purpose is for you to see what energies you have with you, in your name, and explanations of the energies, for each person. 
You cannot get a machine to change names, it has to be a trained numerologist/person who do that.

A machine can only give the informations on whats in your "Here and Now" numerology chart. Your energies in your name and date “Here and now”. 
Then you can decide whether it is right or wrong. It tells you how your energies are “Here and now”.

This is intended for all those who just want to see what numerology is and what a numerology chart is. 
There will not be made ​​changes on names, and it does not matter who is around you, in your family, it's just what you have "Here and Now"
If you then want to have a numerology chart, where you get the numerologist to look at the names, and maybe make a few adjustments, it is a consultation, and it takes about 1 hour or more, and then you have to tell the person whats in the new chart, so it will take between 2-3 hours. 
You can on the website, under consultations,  read about the different ways you can get a numerology chart.  

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