Written: Thursday d. 18 / 7 - 2013

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela,
born  juli 18. 1918,  95 years old today.

Congratulations from here.

Mandela is a number 9 person, who has a lot of power and strength, he has done things, that other people would not have been able to do.
He's like, a numerologist would say, a real number 9 person. His charisma and radiance makes the whole world admires him, and listen to what he says, he has the strength that only a number 9 person can show.

You can only admire him, and even though everyone knows, that we all have a certain lifespan, we hope that he will be here a little longer, and it is pure selfishness that we all think like that, and that is because he is an amazing human being, a real number 9 person.

Good thoughts and healing from here.

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