Your personal energy of the day.
Written: Sunday d. 10 / 8 - 2014

Daily energies are now on the website, and is made for you to see your own energy five days ahead. Then it is easier to prepare for what will happen in the coming week. 
There has been so many who have written back to me and praised the initiative. 
It works perfectly
There will certainly be many, after reading this, that will say: What is daily energies. A day's energy is the energy of the day, for each number, and then all nine numbers are different, today's energy also. 
We all have a basic energy, which is the day we are born. We are all different, just like the days energies are different. If you buy your daily energy, select the day you are born, your own basic energy. 
Although I know so much about numerology I still login each morning and see my daily energy.  Since I'm an 8 person, I am particularly aware of “4” days, as they will be the hardest for me to get through. The same would be for a 9 person, which was going through a “2” or a “7” day. They can be very out of harmony with the person's basic energy, and if you can see that there are some hours there is dull or a few hours is good, it is easier to get through the day. 
Since it´s only the energies, they cannot tell med if I win the lottery, or I'm going to move to house No. 5, or who's at your door. They can tell us whether we should keep a low profile, or whether we need to get on with our projects, it is a guideline, and it is always good to have, so we can get through the day easier, without wasting a lot of time on something that still does not materialize.

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