Birth energy 9
Hard working
Straight forward
Willpower, stamina
Independent, wilful
Activate others
Wants to have control
Leader, army, police
Disagreeable, argumentative,
War, violence, revolution
Seems hard/cold

Lucky numbers: 9 - 18 - 27  

You might not have had an easy childhood, but this has been positive in the end because you have become so amazing, tough, and durable. Your great yearning for autonomy and independence, are rooted in those childhood experiences. You are your own best friend, and full of confidence. To meet and overcome difficulties encourages you to huge things. After a possible defeat, you are always ready to change course and tackle it again. Your motto could be: What does not harm me, makes me stronger!

Love Life
You want to be dominant and set that tone in your love relationships. This begins in adolescence and continues later into your marriage. Actually, you can't tolerate resistance, but you have taught yourself the difficult art of patience. You are always ready to fight for those you love to the point that you would die for them. No matter what happens, you will always support your partner, whether he/ she is right or not.

As an employee and subordinate you will often feel less happy. You have plenty of go-do attitude and many high goals. Here we find many officers, policemen, and military personnell. You fight for the law and you also always have unwavering, spiritual goals. As a leader or manager, you are in demand. You are able to activate and encourage colleagues and subordinates. They feel intuitively that you will fight for them and that you only want their best.

Amulet: If you have your own number 9 as an amulet, it will amplify your body strength, your courage and your endurance.