Birth energy 8
Survival power
“Drive,” efficient
Goal setter
Hides emotions
Arrogant, cold
Defeat and success
Wounded spirit, victim, loss
Lack of self-confidence

Lucky numbers: 8 - 17 - 26  

You are a brave and courageous person, but you are rarely willing to make compromises. You hold onto your opinion fiercly and defend it to the last drop of blood. During most of your life until the age of 60, you are materially adjusted, but eventually you will be  withdrawn and dedicate yourself to the internal- spiritual values. You have the capacity to become something big! Yes, you are wise enough to see life from multiple sides, but your arrogance can sometimes poke a stick in the wheel of your progress.

Love life
In love, you are reserved and find it hard to show what you think and feel, so your partner has probably not always found it easy to be with you. You are easily hurt by whenever things do not exactly go your way.  When you're strong, you show it, but not for anyone. Moreover, you will rarely give, and you will not sacrifice yourself for a cause you cannot vouch for.  However, you will gladly stick up for those you love. You are very trusting. Bestow your partner your allegiance, he/she will bring you a safe life.

At work, you are something of an eccentric individualist. You rarely listen to others' advice and admonitions without first implementing your own intentions with all of your power. This approach often leads to great success, but it creates conflicts with colleagues and superiors. As a commanding personality, you are probably not directly loved, but those around you will always show respect for your hard work and determination. This, is a little difficult for you to understand because you always try to do your best for everyone else.

Amulet: If you have your own number 8 as an amulet, you get support in your challenging and high-flying planes.