Birth energy 7
Spiritual capability
Different imagination
Telephone number to heaven
Distinct “I” feelings
Postponed things/plans
Need for freedom
DIfferent ideas

Lucky numbers: 7 - 16 - 25

You have a strongly pronounced "I"-feeling and can sometimes appear quite selfish. You are adventurous, but are always trying to secure yourself for the future. Your performance and abilities are far above average and you catch energy from tasks you get. You do not hesitate to take responsibility and willingly take on heavy burdens to achieve more influence. You find it easy to adapt, mostly for the sake of others.

Love life
In love, you will always be first. You have a great need for communication and exchange, but your partner rarely understands the "digressions" that you take. On the whole, you are quite mild and self minded, but your sexual life sparkles with exciting ideas and whims. You are at once intense, spiritual, and romantic. You do not know what it means to feel bored.

You have a remarkable creative talent. 7 is the artists', the charmers' and adventures' number. Here we find many talented business people, inventors and actors. You need recognition and appreciation, which are equally as important to you as food. You are also ready to climb the highest peaks! You understand the world.  You see the color and nuances of life and you give that impression to others bringing them happiness.

Amulet: If you have your own number 7 as an amulet, you win ambient sympathy and take big steps in your development