Birth energy 6
Magnetic radiation
Mother fixation
Feel used
Enjoys life
Loves nature

Lucky numbers: 6 - 15 - 24

You are a harmonious person, and always ready to show your generosity to others. Pettiness is totally unfamiliar for you. You are also very friendly and have a special charisma. You are just sufficiently conscious of the energy behind your innate gifts, so you can go further than most. Yes, you are literally given a hand! Your concern for others is very touching. You really care about others' problems and are immediately ready to help in both word and deed without thinking of yourself.

Love life
Already in your younger years, you interest in sexual matters was awakened. You are open minded and open to all erotic pleasures. A number 6 woman develops in middle age into the motherly type and a number 6 man becomes very calming and home-liking in time. Who would have thought it of the former adventurer? For both, maturity is now mostly about home and family.

You would be an excellent judge, doctor, nurse or other position within social care. You apply your power and energy in every case where it is needed, and when you think you are needed. This makes you understandably very popular! Despite this, you should occasionally take care of yourself and concern yourself with your own thoughts. You build your physical and mental strength best during long walks in fields and forests. On the whole, pure, unspoiled nature, plays a big part in your life. Many find a cornerstone for a job through this.

Amulet: If you have your own number 6 as an amulet, you get support and help in all heart and love affairs.