Birth energy 5
Fast chain of thoughts
Fast money
Quick witted
Easy to establish contact
Seeking for progress
“The born salesman”
Versatile person

Lucky numbers: 5 - 14 - 23

You are a versatile person who likes venturing out into unusual and daring adventures. In dealing with your fellowmen, you are lively and quick-witted; this makes you a welcome guest in most company. Your perception is admirable. You can easily familiarize yourself with how others feel and think. Unfortunately, you have a restless, nervous behavior that makes you go your own way.

Love life
You belong to the happy crowd that has success with the opposite sex. Your suffering and your great need for exchange brings you in contact with all kinds of people - though not always God's best children. It is not unlikely that you will fall in love with the wrong guy/girl more than once. In marriage, it is easy for you to cut corners, and thus cause jealousy.

Here, under the number 5, we find an unusual number of speculators and fortune hunters. You strive above all for money and success.  Yes, you will simply live big. You hate to count pennies and gladly offer friends and acquaintances everything you have and more. Sometimes you go to extremes which can lead to unnecessary expenses. With a little luck of fate you will know both protectors and helpers. You will be given greater prosperity and deeper understanding if you knowingly used a little more time and energy on your personal development.

Amulet: If you have your own number 5 as an amulet, it will amplify your energy and drive