Birth energy 4
Power, courage
Survival power
In opposition
Hates authority
Modify, change
Profound, secretive
Helpful, big heart
Imaginative, different ideas
Spiritual – stones, crystal, heeling,
Starting over
Lack of self-confidence

Lucky numbers: 4 - 13 - 22 - 31

Basically you are a brooding and thinking being. You have a tendency to brood over the same case again and again. That makes you incredibly tenacious when you strive for a certain goal. You have a noble character, but too often you feel anxious and divided. Moreover, your confidence is only so-so.  But as luck is on your side, those in your environment do not know this. You are instead regarded as a very profound philosopher and an "inventor" type, because your ideas are a little different than others.

Love life
You are an amazing lover / mistress! Your imagination will find many ways to make your love life rich and exciting. Furthermore, you are very intense and passionate. Unfortunately, you have a strong critical side which can be difficult for your lover to come to terms with. In choosing a partner, you are incredibly finicky and require absolute fidelity. Even though you have been lured into the wrong direction more than once.

Prestige means a lot to you, and you constantly strive upward on the social ladder. Modesty is almost a foreign concept in your world. Sometimes however, you run into a speedbump just before you break the tape at the finish line. After a tough battle, you return - you're not the one who gives up first. Your philosophical acumen and your worldly ideas will help you on your way. You should have all the prerequisites for happiness within the technical fields and in everything that affects the new sciences.

Amulet: If you have your own number 4 as an amulet, it will amplify your optimism and thus your progress.