Birth energy 3
Highly promoted
Management qualities
Hates defeat
Protection shield
Efficient, dynamic

Lucky numbers: 3 - 12 - 21 - 30

You belong to the crowd of people who flourish in life. Although your disposition may sometimes go up and down, you are generally happy and infect others with your joy of life when it suits you. You like to play the clown, but this act is mostly to hide who you are. Basically, you are honest and sincere. When it comes to keeping time, you're not very punctual. You feel your home is almost everywhere in the world and sometimes you take too much of life with a shrug. Strength and honor create a very strong sense of good quality of life.

Love Life
You have great chances with the opposite sex and you are stormy in your conquest.  You will probably look far for the right person, but when you finally find your partner, it will be for life. You have high standards for yourself and your partner. You lose many fine opportunities because of your standards. You find it hard to make a crucial decision - nothing seems to be good enough. Eventually you will find the admirable partner who gives you the status and happiness that you so yearn for.

An unusual number of millionaires and prominent individuals have the number 3. You have a chance of stepping into that crowd one day if you have not already done it! Wherever you are, you come easily in the "right circles." You get organizational tasks and expectations in harmony with expansion, which play a role in joining the right crown and success. For you, success lies in wait at all times and can be achievedwithout too much effort. Your planet, Jupiter, is called the bringer of good fortune. Even though now and then you are slightly down on the road of life, the situation tends to turn toward your advantage.

Amulet: When you wear the 3-figure as an amulet, you will have love in luck and you become more courageous.