Birth energy 2
Creative, painting
Writing, acting and singing
Lively and colourful
Enjoyment, harmony
Sensitive, melancholic
Restless, confused
Wondering, flighty

Lucky numbers: 2 - 11 - 20 - 29

You are a very sensitive person who is strongly influenced by your surroundings. You live caring about the situations of those around you.  You have a strong compassion for others, especially those who have it tough. Often this empathy affects your own spiritual balance. You have high ideals, and always strive for harmony. You will always be respected for your spiritual depth. Your charisma makes you attract the right people to lead you further on the road of life.

Love life
Not least in love, you are a connoisseur. For you, it means a lot of external behavior surrounding your appearance, in beautiful clothes, style, etc. You will always be admired for your good taste. You can easily give your self away, and seem to be conquered sometimes. You play any of the passive, receptive roles in a relationship. Basically, you are a sensual pleasure person.

You have many talents and one of them is your great artistic talent. You're a real artist of life. As a rule, are you involved in and fascinated by the big world puzzles. Your vivid imagination gives you many good ideas. On the job, you're always very busy, but your restlessness makes you have a hard time concentrating. Your career is characterized by many different possibilities and radical change.

Amulet: If you have your number 2 as an amulet, you get spiritual support in your chores.