Birth energy 1
Winner of praise
Positive, optimist
Distinctive, determined
Seemingly arrogant at times
Ambitious, Lucky
Management qualities
A bit lazy
Enterprising, starter
Creative, imaginative
Proud, honourable
Maintains a lot of willpower
Need for freedom

Lucky numbers: 1 - 10 - 19 - 28 

You belong to the active type. You are ambitious and have a strong will. For the most part you are very optimistic and when you start a project, you complete it. Luck is often on your side. However, you can be pretty selfish and  you do not tolerate critical comment from anyone. You like applying quick solutions and you like receiving results.  When things do not go as planned, your temper easily boils over.

Love life
In love and marriage, you are the dominant. You have a strong attraction and are sexually very active. A partner who can understand your being and know your strength is in safe hands with you.  You will try to give him / her everything - lavishing him / her with gifts and attention, which is perhaps the only way that you can show the world that you care.

You are a born manager and leader, but whether you have your own business or are employed, your pride and honor requires that colleagues and superiors must admire you for your efforts. They must have confidence in you, your skills and your being. You're not the one who pulls back from a heavy responsibility. Rather, you thrive with such a situation. Your head is constantly filled with new plans and great ideas and it is not difficult for you to take initiative. With time, it is not impossible that you will become very wealthy!

Amulet: If you have your number 1 as an amulet, you get spiritual support in your chores.